• gnn________ 32w

    "Over There"

    Over there, the fields look greener, like olive plants by a river bed.
    Over there, the melody echoes with a sweeter sound like Manu Dibango's seasonless tunes.
    Over there, it looks like there is perfect harmony, with all in place.
    Over there looks like paradise, with the seraphim and cherubim working with no discrimination but all to His Most High's glory.
    Over there, it seems to be raining manna and quail and all but none will resist getting over there.

    But when over there, it's a different ball game.
    All what seemed so fair from afar is so appalling.
    The seemingly greener fileds are nothing but tracks filled with thorns.
    Over there, what sounded melodious is but piercing sirens alluring melancholy.
    Over there is a whole lot of cacophony, with all moving silently and without a word like pillers of cloud.
    Over there, it's a whole lot of endless toil for a daily bread.

    I have learnt to appreciate the bird that's at hand, and to make the best of it.
    As It's not in looking global that one gets far but in thinking local with a global view that makes a difference.
    Thinking local makes the opportunities feasible and looking global opens the way for unstoppable breakthrough.
    For necessity it's said, is the mother of invention.
    Nembo Nembo