• droneking 10w

    Mistakes that made me

    From a little town in the dirty south of Oklahoma
    Smoking and chiefing all day ever day like I got glaucoma
    Got my first hook up selling the green flower
    Then moved to the lone star state and learned how to make
    That fast powder
    Squeeze the filter in a knot and bag it up with a pretty bow
    Always had those clear icebergs like a cold hearted eskimo
    Snorting lines to numb the havoc I brought to a broken house
    Caught up in the game caught 2 charges that landed me
    In the big house
    Landed in the husker state got back in the game
    The love of money and the street fame I couldn't tame
    Until a kiss with death gave me a wake up call
    Turned my life around for the better so me and my son can shoot
    Some basketball
    Instead of shooting up veins because of addiction
    These words I spill are anything but fiction
    Every night saying a prayer holding tight in my hands is the