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    Style- "The cryptic alliteration."

    How to write: pick a phrase of not more than 10-12 alphabet.

    Use the first alphabet in the first line,
    Second alphabet in second line,

    And every line is made of alliteration of the alphabet chosen.

    The thing is that the whole thing should make sense, not just alliteration for the sake of alliteration.

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    Rest in peace

    Recursively retained as the remainder of the race,

    Excitedly evolved, existed encased,

    Suppressed in sheet to sheath the surface,

    Tethered together to the tedious taste,

    Invited inside the inciting ignition,

    Never navigated the narcissistic navigation,

    Pricked the pin to perform patiently,

    Each eye eager to earn economically,

    Amidst amass, afloat, accused alone,

    Clustered in the cage with the commanding captain,

    Eventually evil emanated in the end.