• jason82 10w


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    Spare Change

    You can hardly stand the sight of me,let alone my smell.
    I can actually say the same about you.
    Maybe we need to Change,we both carry the stench of hatred.
    We've been wearing the same clothes for too long.
    All these seasons have gone by, yet nothing has Changed.
    This hatred is deeply inbedded in us.
    It seeps through our pours & comes through our mouths in the most horrific ways.
    You hate my hair, I hate your eyes.
    You hate my food, I hate the car you drive.
    You trust in a higher power, I do too.
    He teaches us about Love but yet we choose to hate each other.
    How do you Love him but not me?
    Anyway, Whatever....
    I know I have to Change, hopefully I'll have Spare for when you need some too.