• ayushelusive 5w

    Poem-A brief Impact of 'Time'

    Character shines in the beauty of knowledge,
    Experience uplifts knowledge with time,
    Appearance will soon decay out in time,
    So the body is not mine,
    Only the soul is mine for God after my time,
    I will soon raise the questions in my mind,
    About my mortality will think in my mind,
    Nothing is so 'genius' about me,
    All i need is just 'happiness' for me,
    I am a 'hidden star' in the darkening night,
    Will see everyone with an 'equal sight',
    Overgoing past i don't mind,
    The future is my destiny indeed,
    Looking forward in my mind,
    A 'Curse' will land me down,
    It will make me 'drown',
    I will take the step by my own,
    Will work hard to make my own,
    People will identify me in their mind,
    Ignoring them,I will remain as stable as 'nature',
    Will get down to earth in my pleasure,
    Let them know anything they want,
    But the shining star in the darkening night,
    Can shine 'alone' in the night,
    The 'doomsday' will come ofcourse,
    It will see the real me with a force,
    But my 'goodness' will save me alone,
    So the time will spare none,
    All i want is just happiness,
    And be away with success!!!