• mankiller185 10w

    ♡Ciara my love♡

    I know you left. And it made us both sad. But just know that you made me glad searching for the real person under this skin. You have opened me up like a locked book over the past few years and I couldn't thank you better. We've had alot of twists and turns along the way but these are only improvements from what's to come later down the pathway. I'd like to reference you as my soulmate for the times I've been so neglectful towards you... You made my heart skip a beat when I first started talking to you♡
    And every moment from the past I think to myself what I've done.. Ever since those thoughts I've been correcting them 1 by 1. I look into your eyes sometimes and see such potential and success down the road for you.
    For me changing into a better person and wanting to make you happy every step of the way to success is what I want to do just for you♡
    I never meant to hurt you in the past... I never meant to drag you away... But just know this one thing cece I'll always love you the same way ♡
    "Love is infinite but life is not"