• sheppard 9w


    Clearly, you can see that what you have claimed as seen, it is invisible.
    The absence gives no confusion that the light is not revealing of any trace unto it's presence.
    Oh how can you describe what things you have not found your eyes to lay upon.
    The falsely figured mystery of the controversial.
    It is so vivid, the creation of your imagination.
    Is it truly of you, that you attack truth with your tells.
    How is it that you lay siege to the fortification of authenticities objection.
    This battle of ignorance is forever constant.
    Aggression is the only weapon you wield.
    This world will not turn for you, yet you will constantly turn, being confused into your pursuit.
    Find that you are blind inside the vision of your own eyes.
    The beauty of this masterpiece you proclaim, it is not there.
    Know that you entertain the unknown, unfound, invisible.