• navyanka 6w

    Theme-Stand up for peace- Everyday heroes in this troubled times

    Event- Young Creators Award

    Poem-Stand up for Peace-Everyday Heroes in Troubled times

    To all !!! my Heartful Greetings !
    Theme I am poetically presenting

    "Heroes","Troubled times" is different to all
    To Unite and fight for a cause is Nations Call

    For me Inner struggle is trouble
    and Hero is "HOPE" in a Bubble

    Whatever the situation be,lets not Elope
    Only Strength that keeps us going is "HOPE"

    Yes,These inner troubles we can cope
    only if we live and believe in our Hero "HOPE"

    I am Priyanka Kamath,a Creator
    Thanking Team JCS to cater

    A platform to perform at ease
    And stand up for "PEACE"

    Thank you one and all:)

    Composed by
    Priyanka Kamath