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    I know this story will seem confusing. It has no beginning and lots of plot holes. There is no specific character here but this is all I can do without writing a whole story. However, if requested, I will try my very best to write a story out of this.

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    "I guess this is where we part... Thank you...for everything you've done... Goodbye... And... One...last thing...before I go... I...lo..ve...y...you..." She muttered softly, a tear rolling down her cheek, her arm outstretched.

    He sobbed uncontrollably. After everything... He still couldn't save her! Death has won this war...

    "Death! Come out! I've lost! Are you happy now?" He yelled, desperation clear in his voice. "Death! Come on! Take me with her!"

    He waited but no one came. Certainly not Death. He was about to yell again when something caught his eye.

    It was a letter. From her. Clutched tightly in her hand. He gently removed the envelope from her grasp and looked at it. Although hesitant, he opened it. In it was a letter containing of only three words. But those three words changed him forever. For the person he loved most, was also the person he hated the most.

    「I am Death.」