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    There was a black man in the gray suit,
    Facing ugly side of life since childhood
    He was young when began the pursuit,
    Just the another mafia from the hood

    Crawling his way up, soon he was rising
    Loyal to his mentor, learning what he shown
    Bright was he, he started to shining
    After departure of boss, he held the crown

    On another side of bridge there was a cop
    Honest was he, not there to be bought
    Trying to clean the street, holding the mop
    Drugs frew New Jersey, is all he sought

    Nigger in the top and honest man in police
    Wasn't acceptable back then, in seventies
    Amidst the chaos both held their crease
    One troubled by friend, another by enemies

    Unfortunately, their paths crossed eventually
    Copp was in search for a rat to wear the wire,
    Nabbed his fiend cousin red handed, finally
    made him give up everything about his sire

    king was taken down, away from his regime
    Cop promised him the lifetime in the cell
    Yet, a deal was cut to reduce his time
    Names of mafia and dirty cops he did tell

    (Based over true story, famous expression 'ma man')


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    'ma man'