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    So guys this is not poetry nor romantic thoughts ,, this is all about my country India and about lovely people's of India. India is a largest democratic country as we all know and each and every caste of this country are allowed to share the thoughts and opinions as per their comfort as we provide freedom for all of us.

    Now, let me tell you one thing, although we have this lovely, beautiful, enchanted and phenomenal country but there are some people who are against this country. Who don't want this country to be developed, to flourish and to celebrate it's rejoice. The parochialism of such people is so dirty that they don't deserve to live in this holy country of ours.

    Recently, our Indian government has abolished Article 370 in order to ensure safety for J&K people's . Our honourable Home Minister, Amit Shah took this brave step for the welfare of our country as well for Jammu and Kashmir people . But, things don't end here. There are some people in our country who are great politicians but the way they speak against this act is just vulnerable. In fact, some people of Kashmir are against this law.

    Let me tell you all, those people who don't like this step taken by our Government can surely leave this country. You all don't deserve here. I ask you, Was it good to live among the fear of bombardment and murders, bloods shreeding everywhere, people dying ? Tell me, was it good to live among those terrorists who were using the innocent people of Kashmir to carry on their dirty work, brainwashing the youth of Kashmir trurning them against their own country? Was it?
    Now you all are saying that this step taken by the Indian government murdered the securalism of Kashmir.Tell me how has this affected the securalism? Thousands of our soldiers died protecting people of Kashmir, at that point of time, none of them uttered a single word. No one showed sympathy for them.
    And, when these brave step was taken by us in order to secure the nationality and functionality as well as safe living for the people of Kashmir you are here to raise your voice. Shame upon you all! You are a betrayer who speaks ill aganist our country.

    Everyday, we see new videos of some People saying that this step has brought disaster within the state.Let me tell you one thing, this step was for the development of our country, no Rascal can force us to step back. If you don't like this step, you are absolutely free to leave this country and get the hell out of here. You too are betrayer who thinks just like those terrorist planning to murder people who are innocent.

    To the people of Pakistan, let me tell you one thing, Kashmir is always ours and always will be. No one in this entire world can snatch back from us. From the very beginning your only work is to put fire between country's and you are damn well in it. But, you are a loser in winning wars and you never will cause we are your Father and never try to mess with us,our country and with our political situations. Cause you don't have that standard to stand beside us.

    To those who said that this is not democracy, 370 should not be removed, let me tell you it has been and not even God can turn it back.
    So cry, die, do whatever you want. If u feel bad, go and flee away. Kashmir is ours and always will be.