• rachana_prabhat 4w

    To the man of my dreams

    This is a rhyme, a pretty public one if you please,
    Penning down everything I wish to say but gets lost in the breeze.

    Read it on the days you miss me,
    Or on the days I can't be all this artsy.

    On the days you can't figure out this life,
    The days when you can't read all those minds.

    On the days your head is a lil high,
    The days when get scared of the heights.

    On the days you feel sorrow,
    The days when you can't walk till tomorrow.

    On the days your truth scares you,
    The days you feel blue.

    On the days you don't wanna Cook,
    The days you only care about your look.

    On the days you're too busy to fly,
    The days you're just walking by.

    On the days you love yourself a lil less,
    The days you come to me and your fears confess.

    On the days our love will not be enough strong,
    The days I will sing you all your favourite songs.

    On the days you do a lil Dance,
    The days you feel the romance.

    On all these days and the rest,
    When there is no and the days there is a love test.

    My love, we will not depart,
    I will love you with all my heart.