• glorry_shubhashree1 31w

    Creator Of Nature

    You churn the ocean to make a storm
    And a soothing cool breeze is born
    You imbibe white nectar of the bright moon
    And touch the earth with such caress
    It spins around in a sweet jouissance
    And waltzs around the firy blazing sun .

    You kiss the heavens and romance the universe
    To create an adorned galaxy out of them
    And give birth an art in its sublimity .
    In the ambroidery of your mesmerizing words
    Through the fabric of an ethereal vision
    And tailoring of your unfathomable imagination .

    Most graceful Sire, the Creator of Nature
    You designed all with the beauty and richness ,
    In perfection in the finest detail .
    Even the pallid canvas on a dead wall
    Shines with a resplendent pelchritude
    When the sun kisses it with its golden hue
    In Your breath Creation gets alive
    In Your touch every creature smiles .

    I love and revere Thee for You are my Creator
    Though I am a miniscule in the maze
    Of Your lush, magnanimous world
    A tiny drop in the Ocean of Your Creation
    I delight in your loving presence
    As a toddler loves the embrace of it's mother .

    Night sleeps deeply on your loving lap
    And the wind sings gently a sweet lullaby
    Morning wakes up with the fresh drew drops
    And days shine with the resplendent glow .
    Flowers bloom with variant bright colours
    And birds' melodious songs echoe the zephyr .