• mrspectacular 5w


    It is a neccessity.
    With this idea, all must adopt amity,
    The idea of fire to thine beauty
    In the discovery city.
    One cannot survive without a skin of duality.
    Adopting to this an enmity
    Connotes the admission of frailty
    And being found of same guilty,
    Indicates that one bubbles with ignobility
    To handle the success jetty.
    For in there, one will be set to heavy flames, not the kind that's litty.
    One can only expect a life that's nitty
    And beseiged by impoverishment's obesity,
    When he despises such method of purity
    And trial of quality.
    If one craves in the times of failures-proliferation, a case of rarity
    And an unweilding stability
    Then certainly, the valley of pain must be part of what makes up your totality.
    For therein, you find the utility
    To give your being, for the challenge of life, the required vitality.

    Show me a man who grumbles at pain
    And I will show you a man who is for the glossy success, not bain.
    For pain is the seed that births the grain.