• brokenheartedangel 23w


    You are beautiful, never let anyone tell you otherwise.
    You are beautiful, in your own way,
    with your own beautiful body, mind, soul, brain, smile, eyes,
    no matter where you come from,
    no matter how you dress,
    no matter what you look like,
    you are a beautiful women, like every other women on this planet
    and you rise by your adversity
    You are strong, but it’s ok if you’re not for one day,
    remember that after the dark, the sun always rises and shines,
    You are smart, you have a voice that should be heard,
    never underestimate yourself and your abilities,
    whatever you want to do in life, YOU CAN.
    You are the woman you want to be,
    You are the woman you can be,
    You are the woman you're supposed to be,
    and no one should tell you that you’re not,
    Because there isn't one way to be a woman
    We all have insecurities, but don’t let them define you,
    Don’t let men or anybody for that matter, define you.
    Your precious and you should remember that everyday single day.
    So love yourself, all of you, everything you are and stand for.
    Be you for you. Be proud. Be kind. Be humble. Glow