• pinkfrogo 10w

    stuck in a hell
    still exsiting in a place where so many times i have faild
    u dnt no weather to go r stay
    trying to keep my tears at bay
    here wit my 💕precious 💕i lay
    for she is the light of my life in every possible way
    without her my life it would b so gray
    shes the sunshine to my every day
    even sun r rain
    shes the light of my life in every single way
    i brought her into a life for that i shame
    a place where sadly theres nothing to gain
    were all stuck here just trying to win the game
    just were all on different levels of pain
    just to wake up and fight the same demons we fought yesterday
    and nobody stops to think that this is insaine
    rewarded wit babies that they can just take away all in the same
    catorogrized from drug addicts to mentally insaine
    thought this so called G.O.D. created all of us one in the same
    why must our souls indore so much pain
    in the end what really remaines
    whats left of our torn up vains
    one things for sure people they come they go but that pain that shit stays
    trying so hard to hold onto what lil heart u dnt want to go away
    u dnt no wether to go r stay
    trying to keep my tears at bay
    this game called life i do no longer wish to play
    cuase as for this life i dnt think it will ever b okay
    happy i was not meant to b in anyway
    with thoughts in my head everyday
    i cant run away
    with my baby girl i shall stay
    so this life here i will have
    to say
    will forever b in disarey
    the end;
    by;tanya L funke
    august 9,2019