• hajaryussuf 5w

    Sometimes you only need to be at peace with yourself .. that can be so much rewarding ...✨

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    I have felt the aroma of stillness
    The reverberations of silences
    Filled in vacuums occupying most inside and out of my head

    When I laid myself on the ground
    I felt coldness much like the tone of your voice
    The look in your eyes when you saw me on an Eid day

    I sometimes feel I have become volatile
    For when I make noise , no one seem to hear
    Yet the rings in my ear peaks up and falls down

    I have seen sound going away
    When I listened to the monotonous note which seemed like music
    I realise they aren’t really composed of compressions and rarefactions
    They are filled with realities
    They peak once and then go away
    Fading into the darkness of seclusions

    Last day,I was in the trial room
    Tying the pink floral dress that seemed like a perfect fit
    But they didn’t get in
    For emotions had already been jacketed onto me
    And I couldn’t unfasten them when you had asked me to

    Now that I have buried the amplified doubts in me
    And taught me how to remain calm in chaos..
    I plead to you to not ask me ‘how am I doing ?’
    I only know that I have embraced myself!