• sherrynacole 6w

    I Can't breathe!!!

    I can't breathe..please , please..move your knee!

    I can't breathe..why is this happening to me?

    I can't breathe..yes I made a mistake ,but don't we all..I am only human..but let me live for sake!!

    I can't breathe officer ..please get off of me..it's getting dark and lonely..

    I can't breathe..I am not ready to die..I am just a black man ..watch how you kill me and then you lie..

    I can't breathe, I don't wish this pain on no one..not even my haters..please get your knee off of me sir ,this is not right ..I didn't even try to fight..

    I can't breathe..is the lights off..Mama help, please save me Mama from this world of pain,Mama I know you are still proud of me and not ashamed..

    I feel my body getting colder every minute.. this is how I am going to leave here..I feel my time approaching it's very near ..

    Black people,white people, All people ..let's stop the hate..so do me a favor.. show me the fame..put your fist up and call my name!!!!!✊✊ R.I.P George Floyd