• embodiedlove 10w

    Zsa Zsa

    Give me a piece of paper
    And i'll write her a letter
    It's no big deal
    Just sharing how I feel

    She was a dream I once had
    And a star I so loved
    But everything changed
    With a just a simple message

    My sister requested for a meet up
    Unbelievable, she replied ASAP
    So the magical moment happened
    On the day of Oct 27th.

    What a stunning woman she was
    And for an air, I grasped
    I couldn't for a second comprehend
    That in that moment, we shook hands

    And so that day led us
    To a more times of meet ups
    Each moment's surreal
    I can't even understand still

    How blessed I was to experience
    A dream that finally made sense
    She was a friend I wished to have
    Now, I can share to her my love.

    I, forever, am grateful
    For such a beautiful soul
    A sister and a friend to everyone
    That is her, my idol Divine.