• kuchraazhinrehndo 5w

    Cause it's always you

    Damn those eyes, those story telling one's. It's real or am I just crushing on you right now seeing you looking perfect in your white shirt and blue jeans. If you don't mind, will be my date for tonight. Let's get out of here when it's cold and dark. We like it that way. Isn't it?.Drive me to our favorite place. Play your favorite lo-fi playlist when we go on a long drive to never ending roads. Stop the car in middle of the roads to the nearest tea stall to buy a cigarette to help yourself resist the cold outside. Despite cold outside taking over my senses, I'll deny when you offer me your cigarette. Rather, I would get close to you feel the warmth of your body close to mine. Make you feel the adrenaline rush. We'll get into the car letting the silence do the talking. I'll just look into those admirable eyes with love and affection. As we reach there you would park the car. Hand in hands we would walk to the seaside. We'll be overwhelmed to the site of sea. We'll lie close to each other on sand looking at the sky full of stars and a full moon. Just you and me. When we get up you would grab me closer to you. Look into my eyes bent on me a little. Ask me if we could kiss Tempting me to kiss those irresistible lips of yours and the perfect atmos taking over my senses. The Moonlight and stars would witness you and me being us. Wait!! It was just a daydream. I woke up beside you. Cause I was already yours. Together and forever.