• favourizky19 5w


    All the promises expected from parents from infant
    All the promises expected from alphabeta from those cruel eyes
    Fresh tears trickling like a waterfall
    Am I cursed?
    Interrogation begins
    Probing the mind
    Stench of smoke oozing
    Off it goes into thin air like those dreams
    Those dreams of tender years
    All gone to waste
    What can I do?
    What does the future hold?
    Suicide is the best option
    To leave this sorrowful world
    To leave a world which has brought more harm
    Wishing the ground could swallow him up
    But if wishes were horses beggars might ride
    Death calling
    Hands outstretched
    Like a prodigal son coming back home
    Looking up to the sky
    A world beyond
    He is gone
    They all come
    Crying, Wailing
    Shedding crocodile tears
    As if they cared
    Dreams shattered
    Dreams destroyed