• vishakhasarkar 5w

    Into all lives some rain must fall,
    into all eyes some tear drops start.
    Whether they fall as gentle shower,
    or fall like fire from an aching heart.
    Into all hearts some sorrow must creep,
    into all souls some doubtings make home,
    lashing the waves of life's great deep,
    from dimpling waters to seething foam.

    Over all paths some clouds must lower,
    under all feet some sharp thorns spring.
    tearing the flesh to some bitter wounds,
    or entering the heart with their sting.
    Upon all brows rough winds must blow,
    over all shoulders a cross must be laid,
    bowing the form in it's lofty height,
    down to the dust in gruesome pain.

    Into all hands some duties allotted,
    unto all arms some burdens are given,
    crushing the heart with it's weary weight,
    or lifting the soul from earth to heaven.
    Into all hearts and homes and lives,
    God's dear sunlight comes streaming down,
    gilding the ruins of life's great plain,
    and moulding for all,a golden crown.

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