• nikko_27 5w


    I interviewed a woman,
    With an illness in her heart,
    I was there to ask questions,
    But didnt know where to start,
    How do you ask a person,
    Who can count their time that's left,
    Which moments they regret life,
    And which ones they liked the best
    I didn't know quite how to ask her,
    If she could give me some advice,
    When I was given my whole life to live,
    And she'd only got a slice,
    I was scared that she would judge me,
    For wasting minutes of her time,
    So I asked her just one question,
    As I heard her clock old chime,
    I asked what it felt like,
    Knowing that so soon she would die,
    She told me her short answer,
    She looked at me straight into tge eye,
    "I know my time is ending,
    But pity for you is all I've got,
    Since I wake knowing that I'm dying,
    But you wake pretending that you are not..."