• fallaciesandfantasies 9w

    Letter to a narcissist

    I look at your sleeping face
    My heart melts again
    Maybe behind that deviousness
    There is some innocence
    I can't help but wonder
    What's that you think
    When I catch you looking at me
    While I sleep
    Do you see a prey
    Do you plan your next move
    Do you see a source of entertainment or
    Do you ever feel the way I feel
    Even for a second
    Does your heart ever melt?
    Do you ever feel bad for what you do or
    Do you see a walking wound, you could pick
    Do you see a broken spirit
    That you could crush
    So that you are my only crutch?
    What do you see
    I can't seem to comprehend
    Can you even see the humanness
    That I see when I look at you
    Even when I have all the proofs stating otherwise