• abhishek_anuj 6w

    Hey beautiful,
    I miss you. Not just I miss your face but I miss your heart,your immaturity, your nonsense talk, your childish smile, your angry kid look. Spent my day looking at our pictures we took together and thinking every time I am in love with that girl. Damn I am so lucky I found you. Every day I woke up, I feel my heart beating in a different way and I end up speaking ,I love simanta so much. There is something different in you that keeps me attached and attracted to you. Of course you are damn attractive, I mean your eyes, your beatybone, damn those are seductive for me, I mean as a lover, I am attracted to you so much.
    But then there is a dark side, you don't share much. You keep your pain with yourself. And I hate it. You are weak for a thing and you know it. I know it's been harsh for you, all those people, once you laughed with them, now they are far from you. You might think you have had enough, but hey, now you have found me. And I promise whatever happens, I will be with you. I will keep loving you. I don't have ego when I am with you, or I am not afraid to look ugly or weak in front you. You know the real me. I just want you to be a kid and hug me, or just if you want to share every pain you have, I promise I will take care of it. I want you to be happiest when you are with me. Whatever happens I will be there,I love you.

    -Abhishek Anuj