• aceil_koman 5w


    Happiness. He radiates it into my skin. with the brush of his thumbs against my cheek, my nerves light up and sing. I'd never though id cry with pure joy and compassion. He saw what others couldn't, and opened my heart and claimed my tears for his own. It's only expected I'm empty when he leaves. my heart tired and weak, begging for his love I miss running through my veins. And ivory skin that dances under my fingertips. I've claimed him as my own, and I remind him with my kiss. His hands stay chilled while his soul is warm. It's beond my understanding, but I'd like to call him home. How I long to be in that home. Retreating for the day in a warm embrace, it's just me and him together alone. And I've never said it,but I'll have you read it...I want to stay, so please never let me go.