• sisa_prac 5w

    Forlorn....a fading shadow of HOPE

    I am a million light rays
    scattering to illuminate darkness.
    I am a thousand sea waves
    dying off the shore ,
    born again in deep waters.
    I am the sun that sets to rise.
    I am the moon,disappearing
    to shine again with an enlightened night.
    I am a river that emerges from a lake traversing an odyssey to become the immortal sea.
    I am the wind flowing incessantly,
    fierce or calm unstoppable I shall be.
    I am the fauna and flora washed
    away in the fierce storm,to grow
    again when the sun shines.
    I am plethora of stars twinkling
    to light up darkness of the universe that blinds.
    I am the sail ship that holds its
    sails upright against the whirlwind,
    to reach the port of call.
    I am the oak tree facing whatever
    comes my way, living a century
    standing strong and tall.

    I am HOPE living in a full circle...
    Fornlorn is just my fade away shadow,
    Vanishing with my single ray of light.