• poetryandlyrics 5w

    If you see a shooting star what will you wish for?
    Will you wish for someone long gone to comeback?
    Maybe wish for true love to come knocking at your door?
    Me, well I'll probably wish for corona to just disappear.
    Life was hard for me this year and I'm sure to most of us.
    I wanted to travel, go watch my favorite band live and meet new people.
    I'm really bored and just wanted to run somewhere else.
    I haven't seen my friends in a long time, oh wait....do I even have friends?
    What a lonely life I live!
    All I know is I'm stucked in one place and just wish for freedom.
    This platform had become more like my diary and it helped a lot in my sanity.
    So when I felt really down I would just come here and pen down my thoughts.
    I don't usually write something long because I'm too lazy.
    But, well I wanted someone to talk too, so I'm just here having conversation with myself.


    13th of December, 2020