• christophilicmarshal 10w

    Patiently they wait
    And silently they wish
    You would someday open them up
    And happily they'll reveal to you
    All you need to know
    But all you do is postpone, procrastinate and decline

    Eventually when you pick them up
    It might be just too late
    You quickly flip through
    But you don't get the best of them
    They needed you much earlier
    It might be just too late

    Pay attention to the deep riches
    That are found in it pages
    You might not have opportunities to meet great leaders in person
    but you can meet them in their books
    Their books are immortalized thoughts
    Of their persons, desire, passion, pursuit,
    Struggle and everything they gave their life to
    The easiest way to come into mastery and excellence
    Whether in profession, ministry or vocation
    Is to digest every bit of the pages of the book.

    Journey into the world of books
    And you will find limitless possibilities

    *Christophilic marshal*