• meanderingmyra 5w

    The First Date

    "What was the best part of the evening", you asked!
    And I don't know which part to talk about.
    Was it the sound of the waves
    crashing into each other,
    Or was it you,
    looking for the moon on that artificially lit beach.
    I think it was the comfort of your arms around me,
    Or perhaps the feel of your breathe
    getting tangled in my hair..
    Maybe it was the touch of your lips on my forehead.
    Or it could be the sound of your heartbeat
    synced with mine.
    Was it your voice,
    softly humming "senorita",
    Or the fragrance, that reminded me
    of my garden back home
    Let's just say it was the hug,
    Every last bit of it.
    Yes that was it..
    Warmth, sobriety, and peace,
    all wrapped into one.