• suu_p_chakravarty 31w

    Shiny sparkles sprinkled on my soul,
    It felt almost as if lightning had struck,
    Feelings, all true, popped out to the surface,
    All it took was a look at her face.
    Every single thought turned to delight,
    And gloom finally lost it's strong hold,
    My memories tried to take control,
    Asking me to stop, to ponder about my past,
    But my heart took over the throne,
    My mind surrendered, it's time had passed.
    And so started the awesome journey,
    Wherein you and I were destined to meet,
    And watch, and adore, and be best friends,
    And finally reach a moment,
    When without you, I started feeling incomplete.
    You talked, I listened,
    And that brought within me utmost peace.
    Your voice, so sweet, entangles me in it's web,
    And succeeds in bringing me to a surcease.
    Yes, ridiculous as it may sound,
    You are the spark that brightened up my life,
    That held my hand and showed me the way,
    I like you for you are unique, never were rife.