• maoahi 4w

    The tune is going on
    There are not many listeners
    Even when the instrument thinks
    The audience is less than what it perceives
    But it can't stop playing
    Though sometimes it would want to
    Strings would add lyrics here and there
    Doesn't really matter
    The music is all that it takes
    To intend the shakes
    In other frequencies nearby
    Some wavelengths are far than others
    There is no one near really
    Though sometimes the notes get distracted
    But if an instrument try
    It would listen the unadulterated version only
    There is one big concert going on
    Instruments are trying to find a new song
    Without mingling with other instruments
    N when the old ones hum
    They know they liked the hymn they got
    But they kept messing with the keys
    Searching for what was lost
    The lost lines were accidents
    They lost what they made it
    It's hard to get, harder to keep it
    N when the strings broke themselves
    They remembered the lost intrumentals
    Some missed music wondered
    Why intruments don't get along
    Only if they did
    There could be one big beautiful song