• pearlynn_writes 9w

    Penned April 2020 for a friend in mourning.

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    Safe with Me

    You always put up a strong front.
    Even when you feel rotten inside.
    The tent is caving in from a hurricane.
    There seems no place in sight to hide.
    You fight to hold back tears
    Even when deep down you want to succumb to the strong tides.

    Oh My Daughter.It’s okay to fall. I've cushioned every wall.

    Lean against my Love.
    Let go of your imagined fears.
    I am bigger than the most vast ocean.
    There is no storm I can't silence.

    Every page in your journals, I have read.
    Everything you feel, I have felt.
    Your cares are safe with me,
    I have handled them all.