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    We were so young, i was 16 and you were 18,
    And you proposed me like a hero,
    We made promises and dreamt it,
    You loved me so hardly , really.

    I died for your love and wanted to make you mine,
    I wanted you to love me harder but you denied,
    And now you changed, you want me to be yours,
    You don't want another as you love me so.

    I begged for you and cried for your love,
    But you didn't gave me before you just stalk me,
    You thought that I was weak and beautiful ,
    So you used every inch of my body.

    I thought that you love me but I was wrong,
    You love my body more than me so i wrote a song,
    We were on a video call after such a long time,
    You called me so i didn't refuse to pick it up.

    You said you were drunk, was getting bored alone,
    You called to see me dressed in your favourites,
    And one day you asked me to get undress,
    How could you be so shameful to say me that.

    You got my pictures in which I was in my bikinis,
    & you said that this much wasn't enough for you,
    I told you am busy for your orders,
    So go and find another one for you.

    You said that only I am made for you,
    You don't want another cause you see you in me,
    You continuously text me, I want to block you,
    My friends told me not to talk to you.

    I know you want to fulfill your desires with me,
    You talk all that memories you spent with me,
    How I bit you, kissed you, hugged you so blissfully,
    The way to touched me, didn't stop so carelessly.

    My heartbeats so fast when we had a talk online,
    For first time you told me not to make boyfriends,
    Cause you'll be with me alltime when you'll be back,
    But I wasn't ready to go with you or with some one else.

    Your chats are useless so i delete them,
    You talk about our sweet past memories,
    I never call them back to cry for you,
    You don't know thar how much pain I went through.

    You kissed me so many times on those video chats,
    I think those were fake so i have a doubt on you,
    Why you aren't leaving me is my question,
    Now I regret for the mistake I did.

    You send me those big hearts and want fun,
    But it's my life, I don't want to do that with you,
    I can't understand why I love you after so many crises,
    My heart wants you to stay now but never i told you.

    I scold you so many times but you act like a child,
    Show me that innocent face to have a look of me,
    You want me to be taken cared by your friends,
    So I wouldn't feel alone without you.

    I have my own friends as my company and to care,
    I don't care about you or your work,
    Now when you are online you don't reply me back,
    I know this cause I check my status on whatsapp.

    You want to grind me and so you make plans,
    You are living beyond seven seas, still flirting with me,
    Please find another Who can listen you everytime,
    I am making you alert about me.

    Don't look into my eyes am serious can't be naked,
    Can't hide myself to talk to you from others,
    Leave me cause I know you'll find another,
    Better than me having all the good things inside.

    I know you'll forget me after sometime,
    You just want to use me cause am a model,
    Today you are talking to me to see my body,
    Just Leave me from now because I'll b happy.

    You come in my dreams all night making me crazy,
    You come online to love me so hardly,
    Just to check if I am there for you or not,
    You text me and I can't refuse it.

    I have my own life so leave me darling don't call me babes,
    It takes me to another world where I can't concentrate,
    You were the only one whom I believed,
    But your words now cut me like a sharp knife.

    You say you can only sleep after seeing me,
    But I say you to go to a lounge and have fun,
    You deny and tell your friends there about me,
    You get drunk and then call me.

    Baby please get yourself satisfied from me,
    Accept me in the way I am or leave me,
    I can't be like other girls who are prettier than me,
    But you don't listen to me and take my heart away.

    Have a goodbye and don't remember me always,
    I'll be there when you are in trouble not for enjoying,
    You encoded me fully so i broke my phone,
    Let me leave my life cause we are in different zones.

    I lost myself completely with you and you know it,
    You take profit from that moment,
    It's not good for me darling so stop using me,
    I hope will meet again just as a friend not as couples.

    For you My love is blind in the limelight,
    But I won't break your heart but will leave you,
    Keep my secrets with you and never share to anyone,
    Attraction towards you will not die and I'll be yours in your future,
    It's still a sign darling so I'll live in your spirit.

    Now you don't talk to me nor reply to me,
    I think you've found someone new,
    You've left me and this is the truth,
    I am leaving you as I never cared for you.

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    I am still in your heart,
    beating so fast,
    So I can't deny your words,
    I loved you more than myself,
    But you loved my body more than me,
    you never listened to me,
    So I broke your feelings,
    But still you are being mine,
    So I left you!
    Now you are my nightmare..