• pawar_kanchan 10w


    I was once a TEA lover
    my elixir for life..addicted to it
    need it 3 to 4 times a day

    But we know it is toxic
    so I decide to quit

    Now think about it .. that tea is like you relationship
    toxic , you are addicted to it
    u can't hang around without it

    what it takes to quit
    strong determination NO
    you might be fooling urself

    first you decide to take tea on sunday only
    the way u decide stay friends only thing
    does that work?

    Then you feel weak and accept the consequences still carry on coz who cares just a tea and life is short..bad idea ?

    What to do now carry on or quit
    this is the circle of life
    and we keep on vacillating

    It takes observation what that thing is doing to your mental and physical health
    and that realisation
    few can practice that
    till then
    enjoY TEA