• silverado 50w


    She's got so many faces
    And they're always trading places
    Don't know what ideas to pitch
    Scared she'll start to bitch
    I don't know what's wrong with her
    Maybe she's bipolar?
    I love this woman dearly
    But her face is always searing
    She's getting bad these days
    And there's nothing left to praise.
    She sits in the corner, 'hoping', 'dreaming',
    Really I think she's 'plotting', 'scheming'.
    I'm scared she'll pull a heist
    I'm scared she'll leave at night
    She now keeps rocks in her purse
    I think she's getting worse.
    Something's wrong in her universe
    For her face is always terse
    I got her to a counselor
    But she never got bouncier
    And I'm starting to believe
    That the problem is me.