• madrox 9w

    BE YOU

    Am pretty handsome
    I got the cutest smile ☺
    I got the looks
    I got the brains
    I got the humor.


    You don't see that
    You are busy occupied with
    Why is he so dark
    Why are his teeth not straight
    Why does he have scars on his face
    Why he has got such and such grades

    Despite the fact that you truly want to be yourself and love who you are.

    Behind your back, People will talk
    Some you call "Friends" will bark
    And they'll make you believe your nothing.

    It's cause of such, that we fear everyday
    About being ourselves
    About who really we are,
    not in the mirror
    But on the inside.

    Strike again...
    To those who hate you, to them:
    Be blind
    Be deaf
    Be dumb
    Live your life