• paul_writes 5w


    For years I have chased this illusion
    So far, would have been good
    But I came to no conclusion
    Searching for what was not
    I hope to find something
    Like a man cracking a nut

    All the way, I thought it was real
    I was E-N-V-E loped by a lore
    As fictional as it was
    I felt I was on a reel
    Take a walk in my shoe
    You would be shock, not by the light
    But the sight of the mirage

    I ran and left that world for shelter
    You thought I was weak
    Just a little mo in the weather
    You thought you were at your peak
    Until the optical phenomenon hit you
    Down you fell like the walls of Jericho
    Then you realise we were similar
    We both didn't go with our instrument
    Like the people of isreal
    So, we were caught in the object