• rhythmicrhymes 6w

    The Skywalk

    Bridging the enormous Railway Dock,
    Stands a majestic Sky Walk.

    Having a quarter of an hour for our lectures to commence,
    I decided to saunter around the rusting metal fence.

    Taking small strides over the broken tiles,
    I noticed a man selling cheap textiles.

    It was then I noticed a young man selling toys,
    And numerous kids around making a havoc of noise.

    The sight of a book seller made my inner spirits to ignite,
    The books of my favourite writer staring me in the bright sunlight.

    Moving ahead did I notice a teen selling watches,
    And a variety of smart phones with notable notches.

    The metal fencing around was filled with posters of job vacancies,
    Providing it's applicants with various incentives.

    A group of women; at each other, began to shout.
    The reason for which I wasn't interested to figure out.

    The road below the bridge resembled a gigantic Lake.
    In which the traffic was moving like an enormous snake.

    Beginning to keep my path straighter,
    I realised while walking downstairs;
    That it all began with a gleaming escalator,
    And ended up at the disgusting broken stairs.
    © Jeffin Johnson