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    There are many more examples which i have not incorporated in this post as i dont want to make this post too long to read.
    The only motive of writing this post is that there are a few bunch of people who wants to bring these changes but there are much more bunches of people who are against it.
    Hope this post might bring changes in some people and their lives
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    Are changes beautiful really?

    Who says change is beautiful because all the problems have their roots arising from that change.
    Take for example
    1- if you try to live in your own way without causing problems to others and yourself, leave any outsider, our parents and relatives are the first ones to object about it saying that this will not be accepted by our society.
    2- if you try to break a stereotype, people will come pounding on you saying that you have to live according to this world and and the world cannot live according to you.
    I only wanted to say that a person is not created by the society he or she dwells in but the society is created by the different types of people having a positive mindset and an understanding of right and wrong dwelling in that society.
    If people cannot change their mindsets and accept any positive changes happening around them then remove this tagline from your minds that "change is beautiful".