• aaronkins 50w


    I wish you you could know
    what am too scared to show
     I wish you could see
     just how much you mean to me
    I wish you could tell
    that I know you a Lil well
    I wish you could feel
     my love that's real
     I wish you could hear
    the things that I fear  about you never knowing
    my love for you is growing
     I wιѕн тнaт нυg and ĸιѕѕeѕ нealed woυndѕ
    I wιѕн тнaт ѕнooтιng ѕтarѕ coυld granт wιѕнeѕ and eraѕe oυr ѕcarѕ
     I wιѕн a вroĸen нearт coυld вe ғιхed
     under the stars is when you look the best
     I love looking at the world shine down on you
    revealing all your imperfections
    As I drift through life without you
     I know a dose of you isn't far
    When I tilt my head up
     And wish on the stars
    I'll forever be wishing for you
     I wish you would feel my pain as I write this
    I wish you could feel how much I love you and how well I need you in life.
    But wishes are only granted in fairy tales
    I wish wishfully to wish a wishful wish