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    I don't know, why I wrote this! I just wanted to pour out, so I did. It might not be a very big deal for you guys, but yes its a really disastrous thing for me.
    Talking about me, my mom and dad knows everything about the guy I am with,
    But as he doesn't live with his parents, and his relatives are a bit hard to handle, so life's just not the same for him.
    We've been together for around an year now and it just seems perfect.
    Don't judge, please!

    I know its long, but please read it.

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    The Phone Call Changed It All

    Lying on the bed, I was too tired to study a single paper,
    So that's when I thought of giving him a ring.
    It was quarter past 12 and I knew he would be awake drowning into books.
    I was in no mood to study anymore and I was missing him much.
    I called him.
    And the disaster happened.
    He did not pick up the call and after one complete ring,
    Suddenly his voice started ringing in my head, 'don't give me a call at night, until i do.'
    And yes, I called him, just so much disobeying him!
    I got awestruck and pale,
    But then I started caressing my throbbing heart, 'its okay, the phone's with him.
    Don't worry, he'll call in a bit.'
    After a couple of hours of waiting,
    I started getting terrified'
    'Cause I was ignoring the truth from a long time but yes, I knew
    The mistake was already made, and the deed was done.
    I did not give him a call since then, and neither did he ring up.
    Then in the afternoon a message popped up, 'text me on facebok as soon as you see the message.
    Love you.'
    I switched on the WiFi and opened the messenger.
    There I saw a message from him.
    He explained what all happened in the past 15 hours,
    'Chachu saw your call and then started the trail of question.
    Who is she? Why is she calling so late? Etc. Etc.
    I did not utter a word, I just told him, she's my friend and I don't think there's anything else I can explain.
    He kept on shouting, and just never got tired of putting allegations on me but I kept quite.
    For you my lady, have always taught me to respect my elders. After half an hour or more, he went to his bed.
    He is acting very normal since morning as if nothing's happened, but yes he has taken my phone away.
    Right now I am active from web and I'll have to go soon'.
    I did not text him back for the next three minutes, Because I lost the power to type, or say, or write.
    I just burst down into tears.
    My phone beeped again, with a message, 'hello?'
    And then I replied,
    'I am sorry. I am out of words. I am just so sorry'.
    He was in a rush though, he replied to me,
    'You don't need to be sorry baby. Mr. Perfect's gonna make it all perfect'
    I just wrote, 'okay!'.
    And then he had to leave.
    He texted me a 'Bye. Love you'
    And was offline...!

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