• smartsam 6w

    Excuse Me!

    Joyous & jumping as teenager
    these dolphins!
    Curious as cat
    eagerly they searching!

    Sprint as deer
    hopping as hare!
    Who cares for the world
    reckless the bear!

    Happy as peacock
    eye sharp as lark!
    Acute the dog
    even at a doubt will bark!

    Every trial execute mouse.
    Birds pretty singing
    with their spouse!

    As busy as bees
    or high over clouds eagles free!
    Fast as shark plunging
    in the seas!

    Their nest oh! so pretty
    Birds make in trees
    their homes so sporty!

    Funny as baby elephant
    or lions roar it's far reaching grunt!

    Birds migrate the earth
    so accurate to the spot!
    Happy all these birds & beast
    no extravagant wants!

    As clean as cat
    or as hippo as fat!
    So beautiful swans
    in waters dive sport!

    Birds and beast
    living in peace,
    I can imagine!

    Excuse me though if you
    talk of humans beings!