• thelonegreywolf 5w

    The sky was a multitude of colours,
    The waves crashing onto the sand,
    The salty foam telling a tale untold
    While the wind carried our music
    Far and wide into the world.

    We sat on top of that hill together,
    Side by side, our hands intertwined,
    As the night passed us by
    In a maelstrom of emotions.
    But for me, time had fallen still.

    The pulsating lights of the clubs
    Overflowing onto the waves
    Their techno beats a harsh echo
    Of all the superfluous things we search for
    In our quest for something fickle.

    But it all faded into the night
    As the sound of your heartbeats
    And the warmth of your hand in mine
    Made the darkness feel bright again.

    The silence, usually so deafening and loud,
    Now was filled with hope and peace,
    A common thread that linked us with one another
    An unspoken promise that held us together
    Keeping us grounded and one with this world.