• swathi_ 10w

    In the busy schedule of the day,
    When you're packed with all the work,
    It's okay to get lost in a book, now and then
    I crave that excitement, every minute
    It's more fun for me, to complete and submit the assignment at 9:59 AM,
    When it's due at 10AM.
    Rather than finishing it the day before, even if I've the time
    Going to the class at the last minute
    The racing heart, a question in mind, the thrill, What'll happen?
    Will I get kicked out of the class?
    Should I run and slide inside, just before the professor steps inside
    Or go casually following him inside, without him knowing
    To the football ground, most of the days I would be the first to reach,
    It's beautiful to breathe in the fresh air, and have a word with the coach, and help him set up the practice gears.
    Ah, I miss those moments,
    Right now, work on your dreams
    Really hard.