• silverrlining 10w

    Happy soul

    From childhood,
    The affection, the love,
    Which she had received from
    She stored them in the cup,
    Who's name was "HAPPY "

    Whatever gifts she had received,
    She could not keep any,
    But, the joy she received,
    Upon getting those gifts,
    She stored that bundle of joy in a glass,
    Who's name was "JOY"

    Before any tough phase of her life
    Or anything which troubled her,
    The confidence she had received,
    Got place in a jar,
    Who's name was "CONFIDENCE "

    Wherever she saved any ant,
    From drowning in the water,
    By a leaf,
    She felt a satisfaction,
    Which she put in a tub,
    Who's name was "SATISFACTION "

    She also stored WILL POWER in one of her
    Which she normally had...

    Why she needed to store all of these....

    So that she herself could support and be with herself when she would be low,
    And not wait for someone else
    To come and pat her back.....