• luz_de_esperanza 10w

    @sau_deep @mirakee @writersnetwork
    We all are busy talking
    Spilling words here & there
    I am being firm doing the same thing
    but I am ignorant like everyone
    not talking to myself & thinking
    I know the best !!
    today somehow while conversing
    with my loved one I realize
    we all stand in the same shit
    just that we get busy screeching
    our wounds not realising we end up
    doing the same crime just the victim varies
    I ain't no innocent but I do welcome
    the room for change & I talk to myself
    still a very long journey in sight
    its important to realize
    we all kneel in front of Almighty
    I guess all we Can ask to keep
    the human inside us alive
    & the demon must stay asleep
    throughout our lives....
    The dual phenomenon persist
    but which one would stay dominant
    You have to decide...
    Feeling remorse, sad, empty are as natural
    as feeling of being on cloud nine
    a considerable room for change
    strength to firmly believe what I preach
    is all of the treasure I may incur in my life

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