• ro__va 5w


    "Are you afraid to be lonely?"
    Just a little bit dear
    I miss your name popping up on my Phone
    It's been 'bout a year

    I don't wanna to see you lonely
    'Cause I know how that feels
    Spending days in my bedroom
    Miss the days we dissapear

    I woke up this morning
    Check my phone nothings there
    I realize you really don't love me
    Think I'm wasting my time

    Think I'm wasting my time
    You said that you love me
    But that shit wasn't really clear
    Miss the days that you hold me
    And it was all sincere

    And I don't want to sleep tonight
    'Cause you will appear in my mind
    I feel empty but I don't wanna die
    Most of the time I don't feel alive
    I smoke on the herbs just to pass the time
    I'm always high
    You hate that I'm high
    But you make me low
    So what is the point?
    You're beautiful
    But so insecure
    Life is a blur
    Have you not heard?
    You say you love me but that is absurd
    'Cause you are with him
    You toy with my feelings
    I guess I'm a game
    You said "You'd change"
    But you never changed
    Guess I'm to blame.