• amorette_spring 9w

    Heard of a treasure called Love?

    While I broaden my circle
    Beckoning all, they are welcome
    For the good lessons taught
    It was painful, it was draught
    With various perceptions of a common King
    In the midst of this sailing
    There's despise I sense hailing
    Not from within the circle but outside
    "all your blessings are nothing..
    ever heard of great Darwin and Hawkings ?"
    In the melody of the bird
    In the softness of the fur
    Know that madness is not in believing
    Like Peter, I had said "not me" and like Peter also "my head and body not just my feet"
    I over or underdid
    A thin line of perfection it is
    Love is above all
    For He never gave up on me.