• poethics 10w

    My action tries to scream the news
    if only, it was that simple
    I would be not in a dilemma
    to know it was never just you but me too
    I would be brave then
    nothing would hold me down
    for the first time, I wanted you to try
    But at the same time, what if I face rejection
    only then will my heart, feel my past and cry
    I was marked with fear.
    With respect to uninvade
    I step back to wait for
    when all my wishes would be granted
    but until then I will blame.
    In constant dilemma I stand in
    to be me or to be me that you wanted
    who do I even choose
    when everyone else is with the me you wanted
    and I just dont know
    who is me ?

    -Sanjana M Shendge

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